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Option 1 may be tempting, however it reminds me GIMP with all its windows and toolbars. After a lot of critique (more-less similar to the disadvantages you mentioned), the GIMP developers have implemented also an option for Single Document Interface, which is basically a single main window with docked toolbars.


While this is ultimately speculation, I think this was a design/implentation decision to separate two sites with different purposes. When you are not logged in, you are viewing an advertisement site for the service. Once logged in, you access a site that lets you work with your account. There really isn't any overlap between the two, so they were ...


Yes, it's not something made for User Experience (on contrary) but to improve security. Imagine this situation. You're accessing one secure site, home page is not secure (it uses HTTP protocol) to greatly reduce server CPU usage (because homepage is hitted very often by random users and search engines or because it contains non-critical material). You ...

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