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This can be done using both fixed header for batch operations and keeping the card views. Check out how InVision handled it: http://take.ms/Fm21V


I would go for something like this: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups Note that: You show the user all his options The user can clearly see that the option on the right side have the best price. With the text "Currently selected price" you give the user the impression that HE are selecting the PRICE, not that the ...


Many websites utilize "pricing windows" (unofficial term) to segregate what price applies to what service. I have created a basic mockup for you based on your question: Examples: Soundcloud GoDaddy


Welcome to the site, 67172! There's one conventional pattern showing relations involving tables, which is usually called master-detail. This is restricted to a single list of items and details for the selected item (which might be a table again). Obviously, this is too simple for your case. You'll need to be creative yourself. My first question is about ...

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