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It's best not to reload during a signup process, but sometimes it can't be avoided. There are many signup processes for even very mature sites (e.g. gmail, ebay, etc) which involve page reloads. What issues need to be addressed? Page loads create cognitive disruption to users. While you're filling in a form, the page becomes your universe so a reload ...


Smashing Magazine published an article on mobile wayfinding that I think is pretty helpful: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/10/13/wayfinding-for-the-mobile-web/ None of those solutions are wrong, but given the choice, I'd probably use the "nested doll" approach as my starting point. It's a familiar pattern on both iOS and Android and would eliminate ...


I'd probably separate this out into two separate views: Viewing the date range data, and creating/editing date ranges. The latter might use an accordion-style setup to create blocks for the dates and create some visual/logical separation: ...where the former would present the chart data with a date range selector and a link to the editor where one could ...


Forget the "platform wars" and make the application user friendly from a touch perspective. The most important aspect you must try to achieve is to deliver a seamless experience across multiple platforms (make your app look and feel the same as much as you can on all platforms). As I see your application is not a very complicated so that shouldn't be so ...


There's a comprehensive topic on this here: Fluid Video With regards to the right and wrongs of UX/UI, my opinion would be the needs of the video to be shown to the user and how visible it would be in an extremely small view port.


We're facing this exact issue with our B2B customers with a new app release next week. We're releasing an MVP mPOS. Instant gratification, or more specifically dead simple functionality that can be easily reproduced (and is rewarding in that it does what the B2B customer needs), isn't difficult for this user type. In fact, it's infinitely easier because hey, ...


http://styleguides.io is a new HUGE resource for all things style guides: Articles Books Podcasts Talks/Slides Tools Examples Check it out!

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