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Any Size Now that I have your attention, this might be a blunt statement, but it's intrinsically correct. Whenever you make an user download a file, you need to warn about the possible consequences. As you know, mobile downloads are a beast of its own, and they have rules that don't apply to desktop. They're also affected by: Speed Data Transfer Device'...


So if they are not on a WiFi connection, I would have a configurable option to warn if files are greater than ### MB. Some users are likely on an unlimited plan, or are using a phone provided by their company; sounds like your app is an internal app. But in any case, I have a plan that limits my usage to 1 GB/month (and prior plan was like 50 MB/month), so ...


I like the way Ubuntu has solved this problem. Admittedly it's a bit wordy, and may confuse total tech illiterates a little bit. But it's very technically accurate, and I find it a good solution. This screenshot is from the native disk management tool in 16.04.

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