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Given this example I am assuming your audience is a developer. I agree with Dan, that a non technical user may not expect to see more information (code trace) behind that item, however if your audience IS technical and they do expect to deep dive into an issue, then you need to ensure you reuse a design pattern that is "actionable" Example: if you have ...


As a pro sound engineer, I switch my desk monitors to a high contrast setting in situations where there is limited room for equipment offstage, or foh. Many times bright white screens (over-illuminate) if you will areas that need to be dark sensitive. So for me yellow/blue on black high contrast solves this problem.


I think the problem here is not the appearance of the link, but that the user doesn't necessarily expect more information to be available. Most error reporting to users tends to be one-off statements like "file not found", and therefore they most likely won't expect to see anything more than that. They aren't thinking "how can I get the detailed error ...


I would allow the entire item to be clickable so even if you click the arrow (or the red text) it would still work. Otherwise an underline is a pretty safe bet.

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