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I also agree with the "grippy dots" (option D) as they are documented here: What is the best icon to show that something can be dragged and reordered? Think that the hamburger could be misinterpreted easily and the other options aren't as clear as they could be.


It's a responsive-friendly way of communicating content length Let's assume the design problem is: communicate the length of an article concisely. First, consider some alternatives: Number of pages was the conventional way to do this in printed media, but for today's responsive website, page size can vary dramatically (mobile phone vs 30 inch desktop ...


I think its mostly option 2: It attempts to give a transparent/forthcoming experience to potential readers (people may be commuting to work and have 10 minutes left on their trip) Similar partterns include; displaying length of a video clip or the number of pages in a document. In these examples it makes perfect sense to display this information ...

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