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You could indicate lines separately. Also, you could try showing a visual marker for lines to indicate there are only 10 lines of space. Here is a quick sketch -


Here is a jsfiddle fiddle link i have created three prototype. just informing the user that spaces are also counted as the length of the user's input. 2nd one is the prototype which describes the spaces left by user as dotted part which is not as good i think. the third one is forcing the user not to use more then ...


No don't add another label with 1/10 - this has no precedent and is confusing. The best solution is to remove the line limit - it's only going to confuse and/or frustrate people. If you are concerned about someone inputting too many newlines, then simply limit the output to only display the first 10 lines, followed by an option to view 'more...'. If you ...


Actually, you have 3 visual states: MouseDown(ActiveClicking), Checking and Unchecking. In WPF the action command is usually fired at MouseUp. For obvious reasons like DragAndDrop, which is pretty common at Desktop Apps. MouseDown - Checking and Unchecking: gives users a blue indicator where the action takes place. Regardless of which interface you use: ...

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