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Summarizing the answers being provided, I think it is best practice to try and separate the actual item that you are trying to download and its status. That is, you would not use anything other than the text for the title, and you can choose from a number of different strategies to indicate its status: Icon to show download status, possibly including ...


iOS 7 & 8 do this with the new clock circle progress widget. You can see this widget in the AppStore when you upgrade an app, or download one from the cloud. Each app to be upgraded has an "upgrade" button next to it, while each app in the cloud has a "cloud" icon button. You can also see it in the Music app, if you have songs in the cloud. When ...


Not sure what your interface currently looks like but maybe something like this could work. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


I like how BeyondPod does it when you download podcasts. Amazon music app shows downloaded files under 'Recently downloaded' section


By taking @izhaki's tip into consideration, I've changed the design to the one in the image below. To list the changes, I have decreased header font size to make button stand out added "Play Video" as suggested


From a pure cognitive perspective, you should ask yourself: Can the user gather this is a video? Does the user want to the play the video? As for 1 - the fact it is a video is implicit - it requires users to look at the play icon, which will suggest it is a video. But there might be many other distractions on the screen and the eye may miss this icon. So ...


These have been my reactions looking at the image: "Hey, there's something I can play" (when I've seen the "triangular play icon inside of a circle"). "No wait, that must be something else. Perhaps a slider?" because the placement of the icon is quite confusing to me. "Play" icons are usually centered in the middle of the image (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo) or on ...

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