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This is just my personal opinion, but I hate it when I'm trying to shop and somebody is obviously trying to generate leads. I don't care to spend two minutes filling in a form to try to figure out what your product or service is. Give me an option to find out what you are selling and what advantages it offers to me before trying to get my contact ...


Make verification a separate task Unless this is a high security application I would strongly advise you to completely separate out the validation portion of your sign-in process. Let people use the application without verifying their email or phone number for a limited time. Be sure to make it clear that they need to verify their email and/or phone ...


I would also avoid the 10 second timer. The scenario of useful email re-sending is when an user has made a mistake and wants to correct his/her email, so you should not let him wait 10 sec. If you worry about spamming it's better to control sending emails from the same IP or email address, giving 'ordinary' users better UX.


With the validate "page" this seems good to me, only thought would be to have a "Not the right e-mail address" link below the e-mail, so that they can correct their mistake, rather than needing to sign up again. Most sites and services now let people in without validating email/phone, however (some) then limit functionality until they validate, displaying a ...


I think this question is more a code than an UX one, but you could easily do this: var email = document.getElementById("mail"); email.addEventListener("keyup", function (event) { if(email.validity.typeMismatch) { email.setCustomValidity("Please enter a valid email"); } else { email.setCustomValidity(""); } }); Additionally, you could check ...


If you made the e-mail input box have type="text", the browser won't validate it and only the server will.


If I have the correct understanding the only thing that cannot be overridden is the customer blackout date. If that's correct I would simply employ a standard calendar control to select delivery date. Dates that are customer blackouts would be disabled and could not be selected. Instead of nominal date I would have a max shipping days setup in the customer ...

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