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The cognitive perspective From a cognitive perspective, here is the likely sequence of event: User sees page An info message asks the user to change her password The user fills the 3 fields An validation error has occurred At the point the user already know the purpose of the screen, so there is no point for the information message to stay there - it can ...


Error messages and helpful information are very different, so they need to be visually distinct In your layout, the error message and the information message are shaded differently, but have the same font, shape, and placement. This visually communicates that the messages are similar but not identical. That is not true: helpful information is the ...


If you do have access to edit the front end, I would probably suggest using indicators on the field/field group (such as "has-success" if you're using bootstrap). Then I would suggest that maybe the 'info' error isn't necessary once they've made an attempt. Or instead of using an alert, make that the heading for the section.


In general, error states should clearly communicate where an error occurred. In your example, you haven't clearly shown which state is the problem. Additionally, you have two competing messages here. It seems like these two alerts could easily be consolidated into one alert. Finally, watch the language you use. You say "Old password appears to be ...


Generally speaking you can but the message texts have to be very clear and non-confusing. The biggest, read confusing, issue I see here is that the message in the orange rectangle does not clearly communicated which field the user has to change: 1, 2 or 3? Neither the message in the red one is 100% clear. Some users will wonder whether "Old password" ...


The information you're providing isn't very descriptive of the complete scenario, but based on it, it sounds like you're describing a situation where you have users and a superuser or admin. If this is the case, it's quite common to display only the available options for their level of access. This being said, you have two choices here: if you don't care ...


Are you asking for a technical or UX solution here? UPDATE: Very curious why someone has voted this question down. The question appears to be one a UX-sided one, however, it is really not clear. Esp. because a technical solution would be very simple.

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