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Mailbox app does this with visual feedback such as "Red" arrow or 'X' to delete and "Green" arrow or check mark to archive. You can see this as you swipe and know what you are going to to do if you continue. This is better than having to remember the swipe direction/actions.


Generally swipe right is a forward or positive action, left is a back or negative action. But unless you are careful and particularly when you are choosing between quite unrelated options using swipes at all can be very unintuitive.


I would say, it depends,... ;) Have a look at the platform you are developing for. For ios for example: swipe left shows "delete/mark/more" and swipe to right opens a option to mark the row (email for example as: mark as unread). So there is no clear "guideline" which direction to use. Use the direction which the target platform offers, so you can make sure, ...


I'd say that guidelines for actions when swiping left contra right on list elements aren't really established. Looking at the Android UI patterns you usually dismiss/exit elements by swiping them either right or left. Meaning, swiping right or left invokes the same action. If you want some reference I can suggest the Sony email client which has different ...

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