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Under what circumstances would you NOT want a clean, sleek and minimalist website design? Both questions have one target at the end and that is the Users. It highly depends on they type of users of your website and their willingness to change. Here are two good examples: A) Wikipedia: It is a highly content oriented website and the design is almost the ...


In think the first option of the two is the best. The pencil is a logical symbol for editing. And it would only be a waste of space if you would put the cross for deleting there, if it is not used often. However, I would prefer to not have the radio buttons there on your popup window. Instead, I would have a smaller [x] or trashcan button on the left of ...


I think you could solve the problem by not displaying any of those buttons, but instead: Facilitating the editing of an item by clicking on the relevant row, and Hiding the lesser-used action of deleting within an action menu. As in my mockup below: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

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