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From a programmer's point of view, login processes are mostly still POST forms. If you handle both the login form and the login process in the same page (say index.php), any future reload of the page (e.g. via F5) would also trigger sending the POST data again, which is not desired. Hence it is considered best practice to outsource the login logic to ...


Same field. "Two fields" strategy require either a: radio button" to pick "single URL" or "multiple URL", which is an extra step If you just put both fields on the UI it will create noise. Also for the mind is trivial to pick where to put a single URL because in theory it also "fits" into the multiple field. However "same field" strategy IMO does not ...


Like DaveAlger said, use the fully typed words. I would however also consider getting both domains, and redirect one to the other, but using the fully typed one as the main. This makes it even easier for users and could prevent abuse.


Use the fully typed words Don't drop the first letter off the second word just because it happens to match. Dropping the first letter of the second word implies a new one word trademark. DirecTV People usually type out the full words of things they are searching for. As a window washer I would use one of the following... windowwasher.com ...

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