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Solid understanding of typography may help you because there is more than one way to improve readability and make it easier to scan the page. The following article has some examples which illustrate how use of colour, font size, font case, spacing above and below, etc can all help titles and subtitles to stand out (this helps you to scan): http://retinart....


It will reduce comprehension of the elements which use uppercase text. If you want to know why, Google the Gestalt school of psychology which deals with the principles of perception. It probably wouldn't reduce the overall comprehension of the site - but best to be on the safe side, eh?


There are already many studies conducted about text readability regarding all caps and the likes. The Nielsen Norman Group has written about this in many articles, stating Reading speed is reduced by 10% and users are put off by the appearance of shouting. Source Short answer: Regular words and headings shouldn't be capitalized for readability. This ...


To make your work readable, consider san-serif fonts for devices. Serif fonts are preferred when working with print-design because the user is expected to read for a long time. When time is an issue, go to Serif fonts like Baskerville. Otherwise, stick with sans-serif for small-sized text and articles. Also, know that sometimes your typography may be ...

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