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Quick note, 'Shopping Cart' it typically two words. So you actually are dealing with 3 words. I think you reducing the size is fine, but... ...keep in mind that word wrapping is not something that should be a focus. The web is flexible. That's one of the great things about it. And part of that flexibility is not having 100% control over typography. ...


You could simply replace the word with the shopping icon. It simply becomes a symbol for the words you want in that space and is more of a universal graphic to convey the same information. On smaller screens your options are either making your text smaller (which can hamper legibility depending on the font especially) versus the layout you want.


There is a clear distinction: Helvetica is a type family. Helvetica Bold is a typeface. 12pt Helvetica Bold is a font. I remember the definition this way: Family > Face > Font


There isn't a clear difference. There is no hard-and-fast definitions of the two. As other's have pointed out, common usage is that the font is specific to a set of actual letters (be it physical or digital) and typeface is the overall design (that would usually be applied to a number of fonts as a family). A physical example would be: Futura Bold 12pt ...


A typeface is a distinct design of glyphs, a font is a specific variant therof, consisting of a full set of glyphs. Helvetica is a typeface, as is Courier. They are different typefaces, and by definition different fonts. Helvetica condensed bold is a font, as is Helvetica italic. They both belong to the Helvetica typeface, but they are different fonts.


I think the best explanation I have found was in this article which explains how fonts constitute a typeface. To quote the article A typeface is a family of fonts (very often by the same designer). Within a typeface there will be fonts of varying weights or other variations. E.g., light, bold, semi-bold, condensed, italic, etc. Each such variation ...

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