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I believe that extra large fonts distract the users. Usually a landing page contains information that you want users to view but if the user is distracted by an unusually large font and bold colours, it becomes hard to get your message across.


Here's my two cents on the issue: Large, prominent fonts only look good on banners and bumper stickers! If you look at ads by Apple, Samsung & Google, they resort to leaving a lot of blank space and using medium size, clean font. Due to the white space, the focus automatically shifts to the text. For Example: Have a look at this article to better ...


A landing page is only useful if it has some sort of purpose. Usually landing pages exist for people who come to the site through a certain route (such as clicking on an ad), and they display content relevant to that route of entering the site. Without a purpose, a landing page will simply annoy users who have to click and load an extra page to get to your ...

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