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I don't think there's a SET number, it will all depend on the app, but as a rule of thumb, you should consider to use the minimum viable amount of steps to get the basic understanding of your app. Minimum and basic understanding being the keyword. It's a common mistake to show everything your app can do in a tutorial, so sometimes you face tutorials with 20 ...


There isn't a magic number. It all depends on what you're teaching. If you're teaching a new hire at a nuclear power plant, you're probably going to want to make sure you cover everything and you'll end up with a long tutorial. I understand the example is extreme, but the point is, it all depends on what you're teaching. The best think to do is ask the ...


How long is a piece of string? How long does an article needs to be to explain a concept? Well... that depends on: How complicated the concept is. How much background knowledge the target audience has. The whole thing is super contextual, so I seriously doubt you'll be able to find anything providing a 'magic figure'. Check move on, check move on, ...


User tutorials can be well designed by experience mapping across the product followed by a priority sorting. 8 is a big time span, so maybe consider splitting the tutorial at different levels as necessary.


If you're on Android: You could modify ShowCaseView to fit your style in filling the form. Also, why don't you adopt a CardView and ViewPager to go through the form step by step instead of presenting the User with a ton of data to enter?

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