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I'm not really a fan of trends, but Ghost CTAs are now the trend. Also specially across mobile apps you will see there's even no outlines for some buttons. the user's understanding of it something if it is clickable or not hugely depending on context and familiar patterns


Skeuomorphism is good when it is fairly minimalist and only shows affordances on things that are clickable, draggable, etc. It is bad when it goes completely over the top and starts styling things like real-world objects unnecessarily. Great article about it here: Flat ...


I don't think that material design is going anywhere or replaced by some other trend anytime soon, instead it is growing rapidly across multiple platforms. Google is amending its guidelines constantly. Coming to the problem of usability, that how would user recognize if something is clickable or not. Flat design initially had this kind of usability issue ...


I have to bring this up everytime Skeuomorphism is mentioned. Note that Skeuomorphism is not the opposite of flat design. Flat design can be as skeuomorphic as any other visual design style. "Realism" is perhaps the term to use. A simple example would be iOS's calculator app. iOS3's calculator has a realistic visual style. iOS7's calculator has a flat ...

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