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Go for it. One of the added benefits of showing immediate feedback in the button being interacted with is a reduction in duplicate form submissions. This can be really helpful in ecommerce instances where a double submission might result in a double charge. Best practice would be to limit the behavior to 'positive' additions/submissions, rather than ...


It's fine to have spinner / progress indicator in a button, but try to make the button big enough and put the indicator in the corner, so that the users don't feel distracted by the spinning indicator. A good example from Facebook iOS app login page:


Your button should have 3 phases if you plan on using the Progress indicator inside. Static Progress Success or Failure Floating Action Buttons in Material Design use a similar concept. You might be able to relate to this example on Material Up. The Static phase indicates the action to be performed. The Progress phase has a Determinate or Indeterminate ...


I se no problem using such a solution, but keep in mind that: When submitted, the button shall only use the progress bar (left to right). When submission is completed, the text "Submit" shall NOT be available again, instead use that check mark indication that the submission was completed. And, of course, Use good contrast colors and remember to change the ...


I had the idea of using the untranslated content in the new translation by default and force the translator to modify the untranslated. This way the translator can not "Create" a translation of the article, he "Overwrite" the untranslated with his translation word by word.


The language switch issue could be solved by a whole number of ways to make the current language more obvious on both the switch and the save stage. The problem of adding the wrong translation to the wrong page is less easy to solve. With your current system (translator sees empty page) I don't think you're going to be able to eliminate this problem ...

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