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As you mentioned its about the subconscious level, if the system or application can provide a perception that a system has changed state in a high speed that it almost seems instantaneous, it enhances the user experience since it gives a sense of continuity and also informs the user about the change. To quote this article from smashing magazine A good ...


Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface has some really nice examples of transitions along with detailed descriptions of how they can be used to enhance the user experience.


It's not particularly difficult to support a hover on desktop, but a click on mobile. The more important question is this: what are you hiding? As my friends at Hot Studio used to tell me (before Facebook ate them), you never want to make the user wait for the UI. As I subsequently tell others, the job of your interface is to inform, not entertain. Once ...


Changing chapter is a major operation, which should be handled with care. A swiping motion changing chapter is in a way careless, since users who accidentally makes the swiping action will be completely lost. Therefore I thing your best option is to use a standard hamburger menu containing the chapters and possibly subchapters as well. download bmml ...


I think this centers around knowing your audience. If your audience is going to be primarily Mac users then use that default, otherwise I would defer to Windows' standard. The reasons being: Something like 50% of users are Windows users compared to about 10% Mac (I could dig up the article later if you'd like) - even those who aren't are at least familiar ...


If its faster than the eye can see then I doubt we will be able to appreciate on an unconscious level. I think that transition is there as a backup for when systems are performing slower than normal and the user needs to be informed that a process/action is taking place.


If the popup is only activated by the controls at the top of the screen then showing it at the top would make it easier for the user to click on buttons on the popup since the cursor is at the top of the screen. But if the popup is activated from different locations in your app than I would suggest placing it at the middle since the cursor will be closer to ...

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