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I think you have to tailor your education/training to the type of job and organization you are looking to join. As far as I can see, there are three essential elements: Ability - if they are paying you to do a job, then they need to be confident that you have the skills and knowledge Experience - if you are not working on a standard project or just ...


I think providing everyone with an overview is a great idea, it will help communication and when someone within the UX/UI team asks another person to do something they will know more about why they are being asked to do something. It is also often the case that UX/UI/BA/Dev sometimes have blurred lines of responsibility, so it is good for everyone to know ...


I got the CUA certification about 10 years back, hasn't helped yet.


Internal reasons like: "... so that our customer care people can maintain the videos." should never be an excuse for compromised UX, rather it is an indicator the companies content management strategy may need attention. However with the above description of user journey it is not possible to know whether the external link is a better or worse UX. My ...

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