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Well... are buttons round everywhere in real life? Look at your keyboard. How many 'round' buttons are there?


It seems to me button shapes are more about the connection to the functionality, than it is about the connection to the finger. For example: magnifier = search two arrows in a circle = refresh three squares underneath each other = options three horizontal lines underneath each other = menu and so on...


Interesting is the general form of the question: Does a user understand how something is intended to be used because it's shape is an ergonomic match for a body part? Examples seat : Yes handle : Yes button : Historically may have been Yes, but currently No. Buttons have been culturally well understood for many generations which has let them evolve ...


The article here covers the best practices for touch targets. The rules are not so much based on the shape, but size.


No. I cannot speak for the Apple ecosystem, but if you look at Google's Android, or Windows for the past ten years or so, even Linux, circular shapes for buttons can be quite rare. I would assume that rectangles are ideal because width implies that something can be swiped horizontally. If you look at older touch screen devices and machines, those ...


No, definitely not. Rounded edges are just another piece of the aesthetic formula as you build your UX. I've found that playing with 0% rounded edges allows for an almost fun, "flat design" aesthetic so popular in 2014.


No, not necessarily. In the past, designers used heavily skeuomorphic patterns -- visual styles that strongly resembled physical, tangible objects in order to suggest how they can be interacted with. Physical buttons are often round or shaped to someone's finger because the user is physically touching them, and early digital designers wanted to make sure ...


Android have the following terms for each gesture: Source: http://developer.android.com/design/patterns/gestures.html I believe these are good terms as pinch can still be used as the overall term for the type of gesture, but then if you want specifics for which direction then open or close are good terms because they specifically refer to the opening or ...

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