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I would add this as a comment, however, it is too long :-) If you have an infinite amount of testers and test devices, you can test on all browsers and versions simultaneously. Assuming you do not, settle for a representative sample. E.g. oldest version of IE you want to support, the newest version of each of the union of the most popular 2-3 browsers ...


If you're only looking to evaluate whether the user's like the gestures then I would have them complete a series of tasks using a prototype and then have a brief interview afterwards asking questions like, which gestures were memorable, which were hard, which worked differently than they expected, were any fun to perform, which did they like the most, etc. ...


Here's an older article (2007) on Mouse vs. Direct-Touch for tabletop displays. Back in university I saw a number of papers that compared the speed and accuracy of different input methods in completing certain tasks. I suspect that there have been more modern papers that have revisited these experiments.

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