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Here are 3 ways to accomplish a high-precision, trace-style outline without the fat-finger effect. Approach 1: Similar to Kit Grose's excellent answer. A mask gets applied, and you can use brush and eraser to adjust the boundary. The only difference here is, if you need to see the detailed interior of the wound, then the mask works in reverse, i.e. the ...


I would flip the problem on its head: instead of tracing around the wound, have the user paint a colour over the wound. Give them two tools; a paintbrush and an eraser. This behaviour is similar to the Quick Mask mode in Photoshop and it works great because you can use a very large brush size at first and then come at the sides with a large eraser to ...


You can use an offset pointer/cross-hairs above the center of the touchpoint with an appropriate width. This will make allow you to see where the line is being drawn, not being obscured by your finger or hand.

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