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I think the plain language way is more readable, because you're reading it in a natural way as if it's a sentence. But that could be entirely my own preference. It should fit within your application. It should fit the tone.


Smashing magazine has a pretty good article covering this topic but I will try and condense it into a few simple tips that have tested well for me over the years. 1. Vertical layouts provide the quickest comprehension Place labels directly above form fields and any hints directly below. There are certain cases where adding place holder text inside of ...


My opinion: If the text is truly useful, don't hide it in a tooltip. If it's not truly useful, don't clutter the screen with a tooltip. For text that is truly useful, ideally it's part of the label itself: Field Title (helpful text here): [ ]


The idea here is about simplifying the process for users by making it easier to see what available options are there and allowing them to choose instead of going by a trial by error approach where users try multiple variations of user names and find all are taken leading to additional frustration. Taking an example of signing up for yahoo mail I tried ...

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