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The problem with having a piece of information next to each field is that in many cases it is not necessary i.e. it is repeated or obvious information. You will end up being obliged to fill it in for everything, even when you don't want to. It's fine in the two examples you have, but as an often used design pattern, you may soon wish you hadn't committed to ...


I like the solution from elev.io - same idea as the "i" / tooltip combo, but using just an animated dot instead of the "i", as well as changing the cursor to a "?" on rollover. http://elev.io


There's a trend towards using CSS and/or Javascript to show and hide secondary or additional content on the Web. Here's an older example from CSSNewbie: Click 'See more' to view hidden content: Click 'Hide more' to hide revealed content: I'll leave it up to you to determine which approach is 'best'. This approach—designing 'More Info' as a hidden div ...


rather than having the "i" if you have it that once the mouse hovers over the option and a dialog/tooltip appears I have found to be the best. It can be easy for the user as most people seem to hover the mouse over options as they are trying to understand them anyways.

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