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I use Axure also for responsive websites. Although I must say to simulate the actual website I would not recommend it. It doesn't really make sense for me to implement all the interactions, as the developer has to do it again anyway. What I do is I mostly plan for 960 and certain screens that are more difficult I add a mobile view. We use the axure ...


I use storyboarding a lot especially on an early, conceptual phase. Other methodologies I use are: acting out (very good for getting design insights), flow diagrams (very technical, good for communicating with developers or business people about the technicalities but does not communicate emotions or the concept. It is more about the application than the ...


Here is an application that emulates slow connection: it limits the bandwidth to test sites as if they were seen on dial-up or adsl: Sloppy.


One simple thing you can do is run Fiddler and go to Rules > Performance > Simulate Modem Speeds. Another option if your site is public is to use webpagetest.org and change the connection speed under advanced options before you run your test.

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