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are there some substantial differences between Axure and Omnigraffle Yes. But nothing unsurmountable. Both are wireframing tools. Axure adds interaction design capabilities--though I tend to be cautious in telling people to rely too much on them. I suggest you grab the demo version of Axure and spend a little time with it. I think you'll can get the ...


Omnigraffle is for diagrams or wireframes. Axure is for demos or prototypes. It creates html and javascript codes for you. You can draw diagrams and wireframes too. You can say "I used Axure instead of Omnigraffle." But you CANNOT say "I used Omnigraffle instead of Axure".


No. Omnigraffle is more or less a wireframe tool. Axure is a tool for interactive prototypes (you can do wireframes nevertheless). sorry for the bad news.

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