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When you combine the play and pause buttons, technically what you are doing is removing the play button. The play button is traditionally supposed to start playback from the beginning of a track. The pause button can both pause playback and restart playback from the current position. The combination play/pause button just does what the pause button does.


Department stores change floor and fixing colours to subtly change the mood of a shopper, for example when transitioning from clothing to a food department. So I agree in principal, executed with the right subtleties your concept could work. Without seeing the project, maybe keep core background colours so as not to completely throw the users eye… but change ...


Is the toggle 'yes' when I see 'yes', or when the slider is slid to the left? Both make a certain amount of sense, but it's very ambiguous. Changing colors won't change that, and color should not be the main differentiation anyway. If you're going for a slider you should use no [ □] yes


Since Jawn represents a significant change in both color and content, I would expect to go back to Moo. This opinion is also based on past experience with other search interfaces like Google. Within Google, if I perform a search under the default "All" category, then toggle from "All" to "Images", then click the back button, I am taken back to "All".

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