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No toggle at first; this instead: “Please provide gender.” User clicks, sees this: “[x ] Male” User makes a choice: “[ o] Female” Like that?


You could use an indeterminate toggle switch, see Bootstrap Switch or Flip Toggle Switch for examples on how to do this. Then you just append the event to fire validation. As for styling, you'll notice in the examples above they use the closure principle of gestalt to communicate there's a state that needs user to complete it to avoid uncertainty. So, in ...


I encountered something very similar. Our solution was to hide the radio button options with an EDIT link and add a SAVE button for validation, then re-hide. Worked for our situation.


You could try making the toggle start in the center of the switch. Then once the user starts interacting with it it toggles only to the on/off states, the centered position is just the default "unset" state. I imagine this would be a bit confusing to users on first glance though so a radio button would probably be more intuitive for required fields. ...


Option 1 is cleaner and a more direct visual translation of "this OR that". If you added a 'Mode' label like other controls it would be more descriptive and recoup some of the benefit of the long form option. It's interesting the second option is given a lot more visual prominence with color and size. What is the goal here? If it's a new feature / major ...


Many apps use a second screen for advanced options, usually accessed by pressing a button at the bottom of a screen with basic settings. At least, that is the most popular option on android and windows. I'm not sure if apple has a different standard, but from what I've seen during short uses of iphones and ipads, it's mostly the same. It might be a good ...


My thought is, try implementing a way to have a swipe from the right to the left of the screen go from Basic to Advanced. It lets more advanced users know it's there without having them go into the Settings app, toggle a switch, quit out of your app, and relaunch to see the Advanced control set. Do it similar to how SnapChat's "chat" system works; in order ...

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