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Movement is the last thing you want… Whether pulsating or rotating, all visual changes in the interface risk attracting the user's attention—and you've said they're supposed to be doing something else for the duration of this wait time. Why distract users by showing visual movement? An alternative Before the user clicks the button, show no wait feedback. ...


I don't like the spinner because it is somehow means "A calculation is being done". I tried "three dots" animating and I tried one dote pulsing. But finally, what I chose is this: the button pulses between "0.3 opacity" and "1.0 opacity".


A Pre-loader animation would work. Like Wtfsven mentionen above a spinner, or any moving animation would work. In taxi meters i've seen animation of a horse running. Maybe a running man animation would work in your case


If you're looking for an element that will avoid any assumption of "progress," I'd go with a spinner. Best possibly placed to the left of the text in the button. A spinner tells the user there will be action required "later," rather than "at this time," which, if it does draw the eye of the user, will only send their eyes back to the current intended ...

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