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Everyone has already answered your question, so I'm not going to go there :) My comment is more a suggestion. Please avoid ethereal time stamps like: "Today", "Yesterday", "10 minutes ago", "A week ago". We don't want to think how long was "10 minutes ago" from the time we're reading the content; let alone "A week ago". I suggest to always use the date ...


Events happen in a "point in time", stated as numbers. For example an event that happens at 4PM in London will be seen as happening as 1PM in Buenos Aires. Two different times (numbers) that denote the same point in time. Now, how you depict it depends on the particular application. For example if you want to see the events distribution along the hours ...


I don't think it would be logical to append since everyone sees their device local time. Instead you may state how long ago the action was performed for easier understanding. An user friendly algorithm can be drawn up. For example, if less than 1 minute, show in seconds, if less than 1 hour show in minutes, etc.


I can think of 2 other options 1.To display time in international format (if thats not so currently) hh:mm:ss Additionally we can add the timezone like IST 17:09:27 This should remove any confusion for the user, and not take up too much space.


Specifying the timezone directly in the timestamp is neither good nor bad practice. The answer to your question has more to do with your user experience than any documentation or timestamp formatting. You stated one or more of your users requested the timezone be added to your timestamps. This would imply your timestamps are currently ambiguous, which is ...


It depends on the other timestamps you display on your site/app. However, timestamps are almost always used to compare events relatively in a single timeline, so in almost always, it's better to stick to one timezone. Give the user an option to select their timestamp. Always load the user-selected time zone, and convert all timestamps to that timestamp. ...

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