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As Golden Krishna says bes tinterface is no interface. So ask the user the localisation of the meeting and ask him the time of this meeting. Take into account or ask him if it is local time. Ask from where he comes and specifies him automatically the time in two formats its real localisation and the time of the localisation meeting with a table with all ...


I often find myself one time zone away on trips, and dealing with my calendar on OS X or Windows Office is a mine field. I can summarize the problem as "too many choices": The calendar programs all try to do something clever, and not only do they not do what I need but I never quite know what to expect. Configuration options only make matters worse, because ...


In my opinion, the best thing you can do in this case is the following: The user configures the time to send the message according to HIS timezone. The program immediately shows the corresponding time in the following zones: Pacific timezone; Atlantic US timezone; UK timezone Western Europe Timezone Pacific Australian timezone. Any time the user ...


The user will be expecting it to be, by default, in their time zone. Anything other than this will cause confusion. However as @RizwanJavaid has highlighted, for some markets/projects (and I would say social media is one) it is perfectly well expected to be able to change this.


Make it explicit that the scheduled campaign will run in the LA timezone to reduce any confusion. MailChimp does it quite nicely with their Delivery by Time Zone feature http://mailchimp.com/features/timewarp/

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