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Why not just doing this? If you have the freedom to change a little more the design you can follow a path to completion approach:


If you can't change the buttons, I would just widen the textarea to the full width of the box. And I would provide a reason for WHY you want me to give you a reason to delete something, like "We can make our service better with your feedback", or something along those lines.


For sure affect UX starting with a very simple reason: Optimizing space without usability drawbacks The size of the screen is limited , so when you give some space to a section you take it from another. If you set a 2 lines input, you may lose unnecessarily 1 line of space for the history for example. If you set a fixed 1 line input when users write 2 ...


I'd say yes, absolutely. When presented with a larger box, the visual implication is that the text ought to be longer and well thought-out. Take this site we're on now as an example. We're meant to type out researched, thoughtful replies that may very well be several paragraphs long. The initial box is sized to fit several paragraphs to encourage this. ...


I would say you are actually using 2 separate generic widgets. The TextBox and the TextArea and they are used for different purposes. Rather than thinking on how the User would write messages based off of your widgets, work backwards and think what kind of messages do you think the user will type into the input. Then suitably design the widget to assist ...


I am not aware of evidence that smaller input fields will make users type less. A good user experience should meet the user's needs, not try to change their behavior to meet system needs. So if people are using your system and feeling lost while writing their messages, you should accommodate for that. People will want the system to bend to their will, not ...

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