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One challenge with Title Case is that the rules aren't always clear. I found this site to Convert to Title Case, Sentence Case, etc.


Survival The need of animals to visually recognise things in their environment for what they are, and in the case of humans - face recognition, are key survival skills. This cognitive ability has evolved in humans well before language was invented, let alone written one. As such, the brain ability to recognise imagery is quicker than its ability to ...


I don't have any beautiful research at hand, but I can explain why just images probably isn't going to be an option: A lot of users have vague and/or generic profile pictures. If everybody would upload beautiful profile pictures like in the Brewster screenshot then it would definitely be a great idea to just show a grid of images. Now, it could be that the ...


My gut reaction would be images rather than text. The human mind operates by pattern matching which is why its often easy to recognised someone instantly - but sometimes harder to recall their name. Text has to be 'processed' by the mind so its a slower process. This is vaguely related to the findings on "recall versus recognition'. Here's a UX related ...

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