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Icons combined with text labels work better, since the friction to understand them is lower.


I agree with the usability concerns everyone brought up. To add to that: The underlying is reason is purely business driven. Facebook business model depends on more people clicking on the Like button, so to everyone's point, they're removing any possible barrier from users clicking on it. From design perspective, you'd also need to consider if the other ...


It's much more usable to have text accompanying icons. The paradox of icons is they have to be universally recognizable enough that they could appear without text, but they never should appear without text. Also with the Like text, the clickable size of the icon is larger, ie it's more accessible. Your chosen icon to represent a Like action is poor, to be ...


I think this is too early to abandon description from this particular action. The icon itself still can mean 'Thumbs up' or 'Okay'. Facebook users are not only techy young people, who understand what 'liking' exactly means. Keeping the label makes it more clear and also helps to associate 'Like' action to Facebook itself, so it's not only practical, but also ...

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