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While the final color combination will depend on the UI design, branding specs and other considerations, the keyword is CONTRAST. and as such, you're on the right path, black on white is the maximum contrast you may look for. However, there's another consideration to keep: eye strain. Undoubtly, staring at a pure white screen for a long period of time will ...


Both answers here are great, however I'd like to add if you're considering Usability, consider to weigh the factor of Colour Blindness as well. There's a great chrome app called Daltonize: It's also quite useful to test contrast levels.


I agree with the other points here. Contrast is very important. You can review a guide for Web Fonts to review or learn more about how to create a strong typographical design in this medium. One thing designers forget is to make their website usable and accessible to all people. If you lack contrast, your font may to lost or submerged. You can always check ...

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