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Reviews are a very tricky case because if people see you altering user reviews, it may come off as you censoring the reviews. If someone writes an all caps review because they are yelling about bad service, it may look like you changed the case so it doesn't look as bad. I think there are only three ways to go about this: Try to avoid the all caps on the ...


Both "Read More" and "Show More" are pretty clear to mean clicking on them would reveal more text. Adding an ellipsis (...) when the text becomes truncated would also clearly indicate the functionality of "Read More" / "Show More".


Title case of user submitted text is a problem because of names such as MacDonald, acronyms such as BBC, etc. You can code round these cases but unless you control the dataset from the start, there will always be new cases. I have done title case on large datasets but I had the data to begin with and hence could check through and fix any oddities, and even ...

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