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Although I do not have an example of your layout, I would personally choose top aligned in this case. This will probably give the most visual order and harmony, especially since your paragraph block text is also left aligned (meaning you already have an unconsistent visual area on the right). Compare:


If the digit range is not restricted (0-9) you may omit this information, this strips some complication off the sentence. What about: X, Y or Z, followed by 7 digits, followed by any letter except I, O or U. If any other rule is violated (for example spaces or special characters have been added) you could display a more specific error message.


Mac OSX has a right-click contextual menu somewhat like yours: I'm concerned about a couple things in your solution. (1) Keep in mind that stray clicks happen. As people mouse around they sometimes touch the mouse button enough to click things they didn't intend to click. So every word you can mark as known has to also be markable as unknown. It looks ...


While I agree that default for numeric should be right-aligned, I think there are some rare cases where left-alignment makes more sense. One example would be Bank Routing Numbers. The following thoughts together made may think they should be left-aligned: They are always 9 digits in length so there is no issue with trying to line up tens, ones columns. ...

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