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I think this is referred to as a "near-miss" mechanic. Artificially increasing the frequency of near-misses, or artificially inflating the prize that was nearly missed, is illegal for slot machines in many areas. Study on psychology of the near-miss


As best I can tell, this specific mechanic likely originated in video slot machines. However, I don't believe there's a specific terminology for it. The mechanic itself is rather simple, any item other than the one selected uses a psuedo-random number generator (PRNG) to determine what it is. This can either be weighted to show higher-value items or may be ...


Both. You don't want to be generic and use exclusively 'related' terms, but you don't want to have any unrelated stuff (airplane photos etc) coming up. For example, HawkScript. Then if the name becomes popular enough people will just start calling it 'hawk' for short. Personally, I think hawk is still a pretty common term though. How about something more ...


I'm not entirely sure this exactly fits UX, but it seems like the naming convention for programming languages is to name it something interesting and catchy if its the first of its lineage, or base the name of its predecessors if it its a derivative of another language. Python When it came time to pick a name for his creation, van Rossum wanted ...


"Feature set" is the term I'm familiar with for features on a single product. If they are discrete items grouped together, you can call it a "bundle" or "product package".


You say in your original statement that "The Sales manager can either fill the form himself or he can choose to send it to the customer to fill the same.". So the key action here is that the form is to be completed, and the differentiator is whether it is done internally or by the customer (if I read your message correctly). The other detail (start, ...


Language is so important to shaping the mental model—it shapes that users believe the software is doing. You said it yourself: it can take 4-5 days to complete a form. So when the sales manager clicks the Start new form button, that's the beginning of that form-filling process. Start does not convey the idea of a race to a native speaker of English; it ...

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