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One should simply not use the same term for items that are not the same. Users will not understand why they get different functionality between the two instances of the term. Filtering functionality is not uncommon in apps, so many users will understand the term. For those who don't, are tooltips possible for the control, or explanatory text in the UI?


Regarding the skeuomorphic versions of them used in mobile apps they seem to be referred to as spinners.


In aviation this is called a "trim tab" or a "trim wheel": In this context, it is used to adjust control surfaces (commonly the elevator), so that the "hands-off" pitch of the aircraft is maintained at the angle the pilot wants. Another, probably more universally familiar context, are classic hand-held transistor radios: On a hunch, I searched for ...


The term that comes to mind for me is overflow, like the CSS property I would say something like "cell overflow" or "overflow on hover" Additionally: "popping out" or "surfacing" (cell) content(s)


Personally I would go for an Office style approach / Career style approach - as the majority of people would understand this. You start at the bottom of the ladder and have to work your way up - getting benefits etc as you go along. I got the idea from the TV series SUITS a little - I have to admit. You start off at the ground floor and have work your way up ...


Designing in an enterprise setting, we frequently distinguish between "Administrators" and "Business Users", the latter meaning users who do not change system settings, but rather pursue business goals with the help of the system. Needless to say, Administrators are Users as well, and usually we talk not of Business Users (because the category often is too ...


I'am using 'public' as a namespace for non-logged-in users.

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