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It's hard to design this without a better idea of how many events you're showing, and what kind of information and interactions you are displaying with each event. Two approaches to showing lists of items with completion are: 1. Linear progress indicators This example uses bubbles, but you could use bars, flags, stars, etc. 2. Table with explicit ...


Your puzzle piece idea sounds like an excellent way to take advantage of users natural tendency to seek closure. In order to make it more intuitive try listing the completed and uncompleted tasks.


Elements with arrows to suggest sequence/transition is one option. Transitional nature seems more obvious when there are three or more stages (but don't force in a 3rd stage for this reason only). This is reminiscent of breadcrumb navigation, so you want clues to indicate it is a progress indicator and not a navigation feature (the "Status:" label). A ...


I love the idea of a visual encouragement to follow-through on pre-registrations. With this idea, how would you differentiate between an even I pre-registered for and have not yet attended, vs. an event I pre-registered for and DID NOT attend. It seem the first case requires notifications/reminders, whereas the second case requires some sort of visual ...

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