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Deepness doesn't really matter, key point is findability. Citing Morville findability is: The quality of being locatable or navigable. The degree to which a system or environment supports navigation and retrieval. The degree to which a particular object is easy to discover or locate. To this definition you should add some desirable properties (also from ...


Is this to organize user-created files? If so, folders have many problems: Users forget what folder they put the file into More than one tag can be applied to a file, but a file can only be put into one, unless the user duplicates the file (which they do, adding to multiple versions and subsequent confusion) It's easier to stop a user from creating a ...


To filter is to limit options, not expand them. The expected behavior of a filter is to progressively narrow the list of options as tags are added. For the engineers, that means it's a boolean AND. Providing some control that allows the user to switch this behavior on demand would be pretty cool, but that would not be the default expectation.


As @codeinthehole mentioned, it strictly depends on boolean logic you use in a particular filtering system. I think that mostly useful is using conjunction (AND operator), which means that after selecting A and B from your example, displayed will be only items that has been assigned BOTH to A and B, which is Alice and Jack. Most of the search engines work ...


It depends how the term filters utilise boolean logic. AND; would include content that includes all selected terms OR; would include content that includes any of the selected terms

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