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The octothorpe/hash (#) symbol has been considered the symbol for "number" way before it was used for tagging in social media. "#1" has always been "number one". If Twitter allowed numeric-only hashtags, people would write things like "#123" to mean "number 123" but Twitter would mistakenly consider it as a hashtag.


The 3-part list is wrong because it will only be 3 parts for a set of 3 widgets. Beyond that you'd have to offer entries for all the possible subsets of your widget list, which is 2 to the power of the number of your widgets minus one (I think... Not good at math :) ). You can simply add checkboxes to your list of widgets (or provide another way for ...


Yes tags can be hierarchical and there is actually a lot of (not yet widely recognised) potential in it. Although some people (probably like the question asker) have been curious and/or after hierarchical tagging for years, the reason it is not present on the CMS market now is more because of technical obstacles rather than not seeing point in it. With pure ...

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