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I'm wondering why you chose to use the view controller on iOS app. iPhone typically uses tabs for navigation while Android often makes use of menu (hamburger icon) for navigation. I know I have a hard time with how to deal with a drilled down navigation in a tabbed app but keeping the tabs and making good use of the back button and edit on the right hand ...


Have you considered using a single page design rather than splitting the page into tabs? Without knowing much about the content, does this sound suitable? Single page If designed respectfully with sufficient hierarchy then a user could happily scroll and skim your product page until they hit something that stands out. Then happily scroll again to the next ...


you have to user SliderPageControl


The general name of this technique is the "Infinite Width" element. According to the Fitts' Law, there are two parameters which affects the time of reaching a target: a distance, and a width: Actually, the tabs in full-screen Chrome have infinite height, so you can use more specific name of the technique: "Infinite Height". Still, the "Infinite ...

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