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Regarding designing a longer form The problem with two columns forms is users would be confused by the two column layout and interact differently needing them to more time to get the task done. To quote this article One of the problems with form fields in multiple columns is that your users are likely to interpret the fields inconsistently. ...


Having inputs on the right side of the tablet that are easy to hit with the thumbs is almost irrelevant, or a at least a pretty low level concern. Users will typically rush through forms to get them over with, and having inputs scattered around the page will take away from the discoverability of inputs and their labels. Left aligned inputs and a scrollable ...


It depends on which model iPad you are using. We have tried several different cases at our organization, but everytime we upgrade devices, we have to find new covers. For iPad 3, the Griffin Air Strap Med was great. This case is approved for use with most typical healthcare rated disinfectants, non-porous material, all ports are completely sealed, screen ...


Using landscape tablet gives you width of ~700px, and if you want to display input fields then two column layout will be best because displaying stacked input fields will display very long and more than two will be very hoch poch on tablets of small width. Displaying two input field in one row will be best for tablet landscape mode.

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