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Just to add to the other answers, you should actually avoid making the mocks look finished until the functionality is also finished. To quote Joel Spolsky: If you show a nonprogrammer a screen which has a user interface which is 100% beautiful, they will think the program is almost done. (source) To this, I would add that even people who aren't ...


No, it's not always necessary. System-defined screens are not obligatory, and there is no need to reproduce clone pages/elements with minor changes. Alternatives to hi-fi prototypes are lo-fi wireframes, user journey maps, PRDs. Yes, paper sketches/prototypes are legitimate prototypes if they are detailed enough and capture/highlight on all important parts. ...


You're right that one practice might not suit every single company. What's more, it might even differ from dev to dev. The simplest way you can go is just ask the devs what's their preferred way of working. Some people hate having someone else looking at their screens, while others may have lots of questions and would rather have you around. It varies from ...


Adding a tap would require extra efforts from the user. Why make user to take such steps. Scrolling is synonymous to exploring without causing the pain. Plus when I look at other Ecommerce apps, scroll is used almost everywhere. Have a look at some of these Images:


As already mentioned in the comments to your question: Go with scroll! But never forget: Most people don't like to read a lot. So, if you can, try to keep texts short and easy to read too.


Your design should be able to better capture the features of touch devices. You can use a card sorting method for the page that would showcase each product tile. Look at other shopping apps out there. There are lots of apps that keep breaking down the view in such a manner that you're constantly drilling down for more product detail. I would suggest ...


As a left-hander myself I don't really see the need for something like this. If I use any smartphone in landscape mode, I automatically (and so do most of my peers) use both hands and therefore able to touch whatever I want to more or less comfortably. So IMH-left-hander-O: don't worry about us left-handers, unless the app will usually be handled ...


I use both hands with my phone and I cannot touch anything without occluding the think I want to touch regardless of which hand I use... So perhaps there is no problem at all? Also when I use the thumb of the hand holding the phone (anyone else ever held a shopping bag in their other hand?), sliding from the left side is more comfortable to do with my left ...


Instagram's App, at least for smartphones (not tablets), has a kind of wizard style get forward to complete your new Instagram picture process. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android

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