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Unless there is some visual indication that the given value is a summation, I don't think the presence of the "Total" label is redundant. Furthermore, the presence of the "Total" label helps the reader understand that it isn't a value missing the item name. Usually subtotals have a top border and grand totals have a top border with a double bottom border, ...


I think the plain language way is more readable, because you're reading it in a natural way as if it's a sentence. But that could be entirely my own preference. It should fit within your application. It should fit the tone.


There are a few things to consider. But first off, just as a hint, having a screen shot of the situation would very helpful. To consider: - What is the user going to be putting in the combo box? - Is what the user typing in the combo box dependent on what's in the table? - Is there a way that you can place the combo box in such a location such that when ...


If it's a long process that keeps being done, then as Stephen suggests, a background change is fine. If there are tons of processes per minute, and a user needs to see which one is running at each moment, it could be a good idea to have a highlight effect (like jQuery's) on play. You can leave the background changed afterwards, yet giving it a little more ...

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