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Asteriks (*) are broadly used in form for specifying required fields, but that's the only thing that seems to be -more or less- a convention, there isn't any for notes in general. Other notation like *,**,*** and [1].[2],[3] are used frequently in "Terms and conditions" and in books respectively, so it's not the strange that they sometimes appeared in the ...


The problem with your current icon is that it indicates a forbidding, like if the user would not be authorized to decide. Why not some clipart like this :


The answer depends on whether its an incremental value or total value. For example, consider the StackExchange website. When you get reps, you see +10 as notification whereas there's no (+) in front of your total reputation because it's a total value. If the production of resources is changing with time, I would recommend using (+) provided you're showing ...

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