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Why to give symbols outside but we can stuck them on the control buttons....I am not that expert like above other guys but i am good at solving problems by showing visual solutions.... First Solution:(LEFT) Using Symbols on the buttons with red and blue colors for air and heat..You can use any symbols you think best Second Solution(RIGHT): Why not just use ...


Use Dual Switches You are correct that a user trying to dry their hair doesn't really care if the temperature is 80C or 105C but they do care if it is HOT or COLD. 1. speed of the fan The fan is a completely separate interaction that when OFF none of the other settings matter. I would indicate this to the user by having a switch completely dedicated to ...


Like Rengers said: the user's perspective is the first principle. All decisions should optimize the user's experience. I don't know the exact details of the project, but the following considerations might help: As mentioned already, the user is unlikely to care about exact temperatures, so there's no need to specify these. If users do care, they likely need ...


I think it depends on the needs of the user and the technological possibilities. If the user needs to be sure that the air has a specific temperature, it would be great if that could actually be shown on the controls. However, I highly doubt that this is the case. Also, I assume that you cannot guarantee those exact temperatures. In regards to the faders vs ...


Use specific math symbols, not para-math or pseudo-programming. Some part of your users may not be familiar with math, so provide a description next to symbol. Group similar symbols (less & less or equal) into pairs. Consider using "belong/not belong to set" instead of "between".


I'd recommend the symbolic version, but with the following modifications: use mathematical symbols instead of programming language-specific ones (e.g. ≠) show the textual version of a symbol on hover (also set it for screen readers for accessibility)


I have been faced with a similar situation in the past. The question to ask would be - would ALL users interpret "symbols" the same way that you intended them to be? Probably not. Although your users may have a scientific background, you CANNOT be rest assured that everyone would interpret the symbols the same way or the way you intended it to be interpreted ...

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