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I like Google Material Icons' Add Location icon:


The Floppy disk icon is a common icon that's been engraved into the minds as the Save icon. Apart from that, you could also use the Tick to signify Done and Save Ideally you should follow the guidelines specified for the Smartphone's OS.


I think the problem you're describing can't really be solved, there will always be drawbacks. The "perfect UX" for these kind of URLs would be: short memorable zero conflicts (enough possibilities) Services such as actually allow you to reach most of these goals, but there are drawbacks here as well. You can create a shortlink (short and zero ...


There is No particularly accepted icon for users current location. It's moreover depends on which map/technology user uses. I agree with @Andrew Martin, as he showed those three icons for iOS, Bing and Google. My Suggestion: 1. Considering you can target your audience Since it's hard to tell which is more Universal or easily recognized by users in that ...


Short answer: No. Long answer: There are a few different ones out there (I only bothered to check 3) and some of them offer more functionality than "find me"; for example iOS also uses that button to switch rotation lock modes, Google also uses it to switch rotation lock as well as tilt angle. - It could be argued that these are different buttons and ...


For a generic symbol A pile (or two) of coins And I (in the UK) wouldn't recognise the ISO symbol

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