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I believe you are referring to arabic speaking countries in the middle eastern region. While most commonly left to right is the swipe direction, It would need to be in reverse in this case, i.e. swiping right to left, just as the way they read from right to left as well as books also start at the opposite end compared to western books.


I have developed a few products that came to such discussions and the consensus ( not an official metrics study ) was always a swipe. The very gesture of a swipe mimics your like/dislike of whatever you are selecting/choosing. Instinctively it is more satisfying to swipe. However depending on what product you are building a tap might just do the job. I think ...


You should look at this study : Tap, Swipe, or Move: Attentional Demands for Distracted Smartphone Input The conclusion is probably the most relevant part. "In this paper, we analyze the relative cognitive cost of motion gestures, tap and surface gestures as input for smartphone devices under conditions of light distraction. We show that, for ...

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