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I guess that it all depends on the questions. Bulk answering questions sounds like it can have negative consequences, e.g. humans can be lazy and now you are allowing them to be very lazy and not even think about the other questions.


First of all when it comes with surveying don't ask in a negative wording. like: How dissatisfied or satisfied are you with X? what suppose my answer would be!! (yes) I am dissatisfied or (no) I am not satisfied !! because some people don't really think and you should not (Don't let them Think) because when it comes to survey, always, negative answer is ...


It's good that you're thinking about the actual wording of your questions and issues such as 'leading questions' and so on. I don't think one answer to your question is likely to apply to all the questions in your survey, so suggest you would be better served by doing some further reading on what makes a good survey. Below are some resources that may be ...

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