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Considering that this an e-commerce website it'd be very recommendable to give the search field more presence since it's very likely that the users will try to search for an specific product before starting the navegation through categories or other means that your site provide. Additionally be sure that the search works as expected, because in other cause ...


It's rarely a good idea to make up meaningful (non-decorative) UI elements just to balance out the screen. The point is usually to remove stuff, not to add stuff :). This is for all kinds of reasons - cognitive load, visual clutter, focusing the user on what matters etc. As to the problem at hand, you can tackle it in a number of ways. The important thing ...


This guide may be what you are looking for although it isn't specifically to JavaFX it does try and explain Java user interface components across a broad spectrum of Java based frameworks. Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines There is also a nice list of Human Interface Guidelines kept up to date on wikipedia. Human interface guidelines - Wikipedia Hope ...


Simply put, I'd chose Left Detail because that is how our eyes naturally move (for English speakers), left -> right. Info/label first, input/information second. Maybe I'm over simplifying it here, but that would be my train of thought.

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