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It could have also been done because the other two options are preferred. For the example you gave, perhaps paying with a credit card or paypal only took 2% off the top of the payment while paying through Amazon might have taken 5% or more. It would be beneficial to the site owner (but not the user) if the user went through the trouble of making a new ...


Sometimes this is done for speed / scale. Only code is loaded for what is considered the primary options. When you click the more then more stuff is downloaded and more code is loaded. I get this is UX and the UX answer is don't want to wait for more. The reality is that is takes time to transfer data and load code.


No, it's not too much to display. I suppose it happened simply because whoever developed this site (most likely Michael himself) was expecting to add more options later or simply didn't know what are the payment options when he was coding the website, so maybe he thought something like: "I'll leave two options for display and hide everything else behind the ...

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