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Choosing between two options you provided, option one is better. That a classic case of having labels as placeholders inside the fields. Right after user enters something he looses context of what's where. It may work on some simple systems (e.g. login forms), but obviously not complex solutions like yours.


Strikethrough text represents deleted text. HTML used to have a <strike> tag to create strikethrough text but it was replaced by the <del> tag in HTML5. The <del> tag defines text that has been deleted from a document. The link itself may or may not work depending on how the developer coded it. Developers usually put a url in the ...


You should expect to visit the hyperlink, with no difference in behavior. As with bold or italics, a strikethrough does not have historical actionable assumption that goes along with it, unlike underline. Strikethrough is used as a formatting markup vs. a navigational markup, as is bold and italics. Take the following as an example. Does the addition of ...


This is a good question. I've been wandering if there is a better way to document interactions for over a year now and have been trialling a few different things. I've taken inspiration from a lot of different places and below are the different types of methods I've created/trialled in the past with some success. The images below show interaction with an ...

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