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Many special characters have specific meaning and usage. You can learn about the basic ones.


Unicode characters can be used however you'd like. Other than symbols with specific historical meanings, there aren't any hard and fast rules for using them in design. Heck, the Unicode Consortium has been adding very un-mathematic symbols for some time now (ie. http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-candidates.html). I would say it's a safe bet to use ...


There's no easily-findable solution I can find. Searching is complicated by the multiple meanings of the word 'relationship'. In cases like this, it's reasonable look to an organization that can be assumed to have done some homework on this, and then borrow inspiration from them. Given their billion users and the tens of thousands of tests that could be ...


I believe the "..." is used on actions that will require additional user input to complete the flow, where the items w/o it will take you to the end result right away. Example: Open File... - you will then have to select the file Save Page As... - you will have to specify the name, etc New Window - you will end up with a new Window opened ... and so on. ...

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