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First of all, you can do something like this site, see image below however, it might be a bit convoluted for your needs. So, another option could be as follow: obviously, you can (and should) load the sub menu in closed state, I'm showing them in open for visualization purposes. Please note the separators as well, they're important. With the above, we ...


It resets to whatever it was before I started sorting I LOVE THIS OPTION Only your better apps provide this sort of initiative in communicating with the user. Unsorted may be better! Does a programmer know? Few users will be amiss to find their column sorted, but anyone that has ever had the experience of dealing with "all encompassing software" may ...


Your screenshot makes it very clear that widget2 controls the grid that's located under it - both because the widget is above the grid and because it's following widget 1 (as opposed to preceding it). I had to read the question twice before I understood that it actually controls widget 1. So I'd argue that this is not a good solution. It would be easier for ...


The main reason not to do option 1 is because a list being completely unsorted is not really any more useful to a user than a list sorted by an arbitrary characteristic. Why would a user want the list to unsort? Is there some default sort mechanism? If so, why can't the user just sort by that method? I can see only one reason that clicking the header a ...


Should clicking a column header a third time remove the ascending or descending order? No it shouldn't Whatever the previous arrangement was that wasnt ascending or descending should be an ascending or descending order of another column. If a user desires to go back to that view of the current column not being sorted one would figure out what column ...


Use It sorts descending (again) Why? Because that's what column headers that sort typically do. I'm not even convinced that you could reset to whatever it was before... What if you've applied sorts/filters to other columns? If you find your users really need to reset to what it just was, consider an undo function that saves several steps.


Why not add a visual indicator on each image displaying the image's current numerical position in a collection? (eg. #1, #2, etc...) That visual cue should clear up any confusion your end-users may have. If you happen to try any other layout (left-to-right, right-to-left or vertical) that visual queue will help educate the order and flow of images.

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