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Based on code page 437, here is a list of characters that come after z. Note they are listed in sort order. Omega is probably the most appropriate for this use case, because it is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. α alpha U+03B1 Alt 224 Γ gamma U+0393 Alt 226 δ delta U+03B4 Alt 235 ε epsilon U+03B5 Alt 238 Θ theta ...


Assuming you want to avoid hierarchical categorization, you can use freeform category tags to apply multiple filters:


Any list of items with text labels can at least be grouped by first letter. That said, I can't even imagine 1000+ root level categories for movies. Can these categories be curated down to just a few that make sense because how do I even know which category to search for?


If I understand you correctly you have videos and you want people to be able to find them easily without them having been put into pre-set categories such as what Netflix does. You haven't given us much information about what kind of videos Hollywood type movies; YouTube cute puppies and guppies; instructional videos - how to use Photoshop, fix your ...

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