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I don't think you'll find something about this because the premise seems to be incorrect, since sorting is a way of filtering, thus the result is already included in the variable, which makes no sense. However, if you consider filtering as an action with sorting and filtering(n) as sub-actions then you could recognize some patterns, which will vary with ...


Think it depends a lot on the context. in a e-commerce setting the sort types maybe price, latest arrivals, discount. In a video website it might be duration, view count, etc. from analysis i've personally seen users sort by price in ecommerce, while for videos users sort by view count


Luke Wroblewski takes this a step further and claims that on mobile, "Dropdowns should be the UI of last resort", citing factors such as: Number of taps required Impact on the look and feel Visual and cognitive noise Perceived ease of use Note that he does not talk about "desktop-model dropdown vs. mobile-model dropdown". He says that even the ...

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