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There's a strong convention of being able to sort tables by clicking on column headers. It has lots of benefits: direct manipulation, easier to communicate how the data is ordered (e.g., highlight the entire column), you see the actual values (and it seems safe to assume that if you sort by a column it's important to you and so you'd benefit from seeing its ...


As long as the values in the sort drop-down are meaningful to the user, then I don't see any major problems, however, if you are going to offer a sort based on some value you should really show that value in the row so that the user receives re-enforcement about their choice. If you don't do this then the user might not realise what happened, i.e. this could ...


An icon to the left of a unrelated label is clearly not the way to go. If you got the space for it, the best option would be to provide a label to the filter icon. Essentially, you want a clear distinction between your title and the action, either by different alignment (left, right), size, weight or color (opacity).

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