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Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft changed their default method of sorting directories by file name to use "numeric" sorting. (Some info here) While I couldn't find a specification of its behavior, I managed to reverse engineer it. This algorithm should compare two alphanumeric strings and determine which one comes first. Split each filename into ...


Users might get confused that the same UI pattern is used for two different reasons. For the pages example, it's perfectly reasonable to break out that content over many tabs (as you did). For the filter example, I would recommend using another method to display the active filters. Here are two examples:


The implementation of trees in either navigation or organisation purposes (or both) only works if there is some order (and hierarchy) through which the user can traverse to find what they are looking for. So there has to be some sort order by default anyway. If you are asking whether it should always be sorted in a particular way by default (e.g. ...

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