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The forms main focus is currently on signing up new users. Logging in for existing users is placed at the bottom which might let people create multiple accounts or quit because they've just entered two fields before realising they are signing up instead of logging in (personally hate this on Pinterest!). I would suggest making it more obvious for users that ...


Make the login buttons of each type similar looking to show they're all equally valid. Currently the social ones are relegated to mere text links.


I hate filling out forms - most people hate filling out forms - and social connect provides an easy way for users to access a service. I'm looking at the evidence out there and some folks say there is no difference using SC but others report higher signup rates using SC. So in most cases I would say provide both. BUT Text input on mobile is a ...


I think you can make use of Google Identity Toolkit. It enables app and website makers to easily support multiple authentication options for their end user. You can exclude social logins. It will enable a user to sign up on your site in 1-click by choosing one of the email addresses. In this way, you can skip the email verification part. Hope this helps!

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