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I agree with dan1111. From a product standpoint you will also want to think about why you are using these services. For ex: Social products often will create their own authentication-—where they can add value by creating their own social graph.


The exact answer depends on your users (who are they and what services are the likely to be signed up for?) and your use case (you wouldn't want Facebook login on a business site, for example). If you want to research this, it is easy to find demographic information for social media sites. For example, take a look at this PewResearch report. Ultimately, ...


I had a friend login User testing! Awesome! and the immediate reaction was that I needed some sort of basic tour to explain how to get around. Great feedback, but it is telling you something different than what you are currently reading from it. What your user testing is telling you is that your navigation architecture is inappropriate for your ...


You are not allowed to change the color or to use custom logos, if you want to adhere to the use policy. See Twitter policy and Facebook policy

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