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Depending on your audience, but if you're trying to make users more active and not irritate them... make them laugh. I love Spaceballs The Movie. This is how you say it:


The best way to show the message is in a simple, informal way with words that speak to the domain, rather than the technology or medium. For instance, if this message is in response to a user searching posts for a specific subject, the message could be something like this: There aren't any conversations on this topic. If you wanted to get cute, you ...


Also another thing to keep in mind is that some companies want to attain the Profile data from its users. They use this data for marketing practices and understanding target audiences. Data points like Name, DOB, Location etc. Each Social platform delivers a variety of different profile data to the platform owner. The main one being Facebook. Facebook ...


Depending on your size, I'd be very restrictive. Pretty much Facebook + 1 other depending on your target audience. If people use social media they will almost certainly have a Facebook account. The number of Twitter / G+ / Pinterest users who don't have a Facebook account is tiny. So you should always have a Facebook link. You only get benefit from from ...


You know that they do prefer email sign up but you don't know why. You might want to figure that out first. Firstly what you don't want to do is penalise the people who want to sign up via email. If you want to encourage Social Media sign up you could try focusing on one of them that is most relevant to your users e.g. Facebook by considering the answers ...


Hi I think what you are looking for could be found here: http://codepen.io/EvanWard/pen/wdrka it is a widely used scroll in html5 I hope this is what you are looking for


I have surprisingly noticed the following behavior with my social logins. You may or may not use this to your advantage if you have multiple logins on your website which users need to select from. If I happen to be on a Fun website which is about connecting with people/ friends/ family/ etc, I generally would sign in with Facebook. If it's something ...

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