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I'm not sure about data on desktop design, but I can say that for mobile devices, people will often use the social media login option when it is presented. This article about mobile interaction and behavior tells us the following: SOCIAL LOGIN: While roughly half of the people who participate in our research say they don't like – or want – to make use ...


For your specific question on which social logins to use, it depends on your users/market. However, Facebook is by far and away the most important one, followed by Google. Then a mix of Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo.


If you wish me to log into your site from work, you need to provide a way for me to do it without risking my Google or Facebook password. I may not trust my employer to not be spying on me. There are also a small number of people that don’t have an account on Facebook etc, or who does don’t remain logged in and will not type there “important” password ...

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