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It sounds like you're on the right track with positive reinforcement, though, it is really hard to encourage people to be pioneers with zero content, zero activity and an unknown wait time. In your specific situation I would suggest giving more options to the user... Here's a little demo of a more generic example Users could click on an empty heart to ...


It's worth remembering that while every design/dev decision impacts the user experience, not every decision can be rationalized from a UX perspective. There's no easily-findable explanation by the creators of Instagram of why there's no zooming. Constraints and the Creative Process This is speculation, but it's based in logic. Instagram is a tool that ...


In a very broad sense, Instagram prides itself on its simplicity. Part of the reason could be simply because more controls and more views contradicts their UX strategy. This is also part of why they took over the photo sharing market, because Facebook is so huge and complicated.


OP wrote: possible benefits [...] multiple views of the same person, more interesting and more true to the variations of interaction IRL The profile pics serves for recognising who the user is without reading her full name. AFK you see people from different angles and in different clothes, moods haircuts and you likely still make the recognition. But ...

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