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I think input text (from)+ slider + input text (to) better solution. In this case you can set your own range without checking few checkboxes. But if you want minimize request on server each time when customer change slider range then you can add button "ok" in this case user set range - press ok - and see the results. See example


I eventually settled with using a NumberPicker. Attaching drafts of what I intend to use: On clicking the calendar, a dialog box opens up with just the valid range of birth years:


A standard date-picker is cumbersome, as you note, because you have to click backwards through years of get a gigantic dropdown with 100 options. It also assumes you care about what day of the week that date was on 30 years ago. I had to tackle this problem a while back and came up with this solution: My approach is outlined at ...


If you enter age keep in mind that there quite a number of countries where how old you are is counted differently. In the west most people are 0 at birth In Asia some people are 1 at birth Some people are 0 until Chinese New Years and they are 1. If you aren't okay with being off by 1 year you should probably ask for a date. Or have a year slider and ...


Since age accuracy is not very important, you may want to consider the following layout. I am assuming multi-device experience and I am assuming you want to support ages over 100 (if not, you can remove the last selector). Key points: A drop down of 100+ elements is tough to navigate and select, you have to be precise with your scrolling A slider - same ...

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