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a) Serious websites does not have always the best UX b) Big websites have longer development cycles c) Nothing is only bad. Sliders have advantages: focus on single items, possibility to see other items, ... but usually the major user goals are something else


Try Recommending instead of showing equal choices. The paradox of choice is a funny thing. You can give someone so many options that they no longer have any options at all. There are plenty of psychological studies that show how paralyzing too many choices can be. Presenting tons of options can be a barrier to entry. In order to combat such analysis ...


I agree with your opinion that the current design is clunky. Unless you're trying to be really innovative, and your users are open to the discovery process, it's generally not good practice to design an interface that people have to learn how to use. There are some really common design patterns that accomplish exactly what you're trying to do, minus the ...


Another alternative. Move the "active" points on your thumbs from the middle of the thumb to the right side of the left thumb and the left slide of the right thumb similar to what Android does with it's text cut/copy functionality. This has the advantage that both thumbs are on the same side, reducing the amount of vertical space needed and make it ...

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