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There's no chevron, but the behavior you are describing exist in Snapseed (photo editor for Android) If you drag up/down, you will see the parameters you can affect. If you are dragging left/right, you can change the value of the previously selected parameter


Go with the flow Seems to me your users are telling you the solution: make right motion increase the annuity proportion. You see the slider as some kind of horizontal stacked bar chart, but your users don't. They see it like a car's AC/heat control. So don't fight it. Make a stacked bar chart more like a stacked bar chart If you really must have the ...


I don't think there is any best practice. I find more natural a vertical slider to zoom, with down direction for zooming-in and up direction for zooming out. It seems to me more natural probably because in google maps the user scrolls-down to zoom in (and so many other maps websites) and the same gesture is used to scroll-down in documents and websites. So ...

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