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I've used Twitter Bootstrap button groups in the past for this same idea. Since they are actually buttons, and not parts of a slide, I don't think the selected states are confusing (and you can style them to be as unambiguous as you want). I think the bigger question to ask is whether it meets your needs and what you are trying to solve by implementing ...


To be honest you probably shouldn't be using a toggle if you have more than 2 states - a toggle by it's nature is an either / or switch - that's why you're having this problem. For your application it would depend on the number of states and the context, but most mobile OS handle drop lists very well. A series of Radio buttons would be another solution.


Obviously you could expect that some of your future users will be Mac users who know Time Machine (~9% OSX worldwide users, Statista January 2015, in German) therefore could know how to interpret your design. (I wouldn’t rely on it. Who’s doing backups anyway!) For me, thinking about ways to display timelines, I would assign the Present to the left and Past ...


I Am now looking to visualise this data within a clear interface for new millennial users. Like the tooltip box. Surely useful for whom might also have a look in this post. All the best Thank you

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